We are the authorized Hong Kong distributor of Jesmonite and are committed to spreading awareness of and encouraging research into this remarkable material and its applications. Amazing in every way, Jesmonite has been around for over 30 years, has been honored with the Queen's Award, and is widely utilized by architects and artists. We can't wait to get these incredible materials into the hands of local designer and creators.

Official Jesmonite Distributor Hong Kong
behind the scene

Who are we?

Spellroom is made up of like-minded people who are all passionate about bringing the vision to life. We all come from different but complementary backgrounds, ranging from art, multimedia, architecture to engineering. We specialize in developing hybrid skills and techniques in digital fabrication and casting art with Jesmonite. Using 3D modeling and fabrication technology to generate a variety of creative approaches to the creation of new forms of art.

That's why it's called the Spellroom;  It's like having the magical power to create things out of thin air.

For whom is this space intended?

Artist | Creator | Pathmaker

It's ideal for those who want to forge their own way in the world by working on their own projects and developing their own brands.  A space for people who want to explore their creativity and realize their full potential.

Skills-Seeker | The Inquisitive

A creative hub for skills-seeker to learn new skills and techniques from their peers as well as skilled crafters. It is also a place for someone looking for creative expression, fun, and experience. 

Instructor | Pedagogue

A facility where artists of all stripes can get together to share their knowledge and skills with the world. Share your interests and passions with those who enjoy your work and skills. Begin your workshop career with little to no upfront cost or commitment.

This is where we're headed

The Destination Goal

To bring together other people who share our enthusiasm and ambition, and build a fantastic studio with lots to offer and happening. To create an amazing space and platform for individuals who want to venture out and discover their own paths in life.

Similar to many of you, we want to turn our creative vision into a successful brand while enjoying the process. We're so happy to be here because it represents the beginning of doing what we love and moving closer to realizing our ultimate goal.

Spellroom brand philosophy

We believe that life is about going your own way and doing what you love, not what other people tell you to do.

Doing what makes us happy and what our hearts tell us to do. It's okay to be different, even if it seems like everyone else is doing something else. Like the work of art, right and wrong don't exist. Success often rewards to those who follow their passions.