GEOM-Planter Pot DIY Kit

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Looking for something fun and unique to do this weekend? Why not try your hand at casting your very own GEOM-Planter Pot with Jesmonite! This eco-friendly, non-toxic and fast-curing composite crafting material is easy to use. Get creative and learn to make beautiful marble effects and terrazzo patterns. 

With the included video tutorial, you'll be able to follow along step-by-step to create your own masterpiece. And with enough material to cast around 2 Pots (plus some Terrazzo!), you'll have plenty of room to experiment. So why not give it a try today and see what you can make!

The GEOM-Planter Pot DIY Kit is perfect for anyone who loves getting creative and trying new things. Plus, it makes a great gift for family and friends!

What’s inside our GEOM-Planter Pot DIY Kit

• 500g of AC100 Jesmonite Base Powder
• 200g of AC100 Jesmonite Liquid
• 1 x GEOM Pot Mould
• 6 x 1ml Jesmonite Pigment Capsules (Bright Red, Bright Yellow, White, Green, Blue, Black)
• 1 x 5g of Food Grade Beeswax
• 5 x Sanding Sponge (#400, #600, #800, #1200, #1500)
• 4 x Mixing Cups
• 4 x Mixing sticks (L)
• 2 x Disposable Gloves in pairs
• 1 x Measuring Spoon

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What is Jesmonite?

Jesmonite materials are two-part kits, a liquid and a powder, when combined the materials can create an array of colours, textures and finishes. Jesmonite materials can be used for a wide variety of decorative purposes to create anything from jewellery to coasters to table tops!

Jesmonite is known as the Chameleon material because it can replicate a diverse range of textures and fine details. The potential with Jesmonite materials are endless, from terrazzo and marble designs to mixing pigments to create unique colours are just a few ways to create amazing bespoke products.

6 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Jesmonite AC100

Made in UK

Since its invention by Peter Hawkin in the 1980s, all Jesmonite has been made in the UK with strict quality assurance measures.

Eco-conscious Materials

Water-based making it kinder to the


Jesmonite is modified gypsum - it is non-toxic, solvent free and contains no VOCs.

The Finest Detail

Replicates the very finest detail with superior weathering qualities

30mins Ripid Curing

In about 30 minutes, Jesmonite will have completely hardened and set inside the mold, allowing for rapid production

Fire Classification

Independently fire rated in accordance with European Fire Classification EN 13501-1