OLFA Standard Duty Plastic Laminate Cutter (PC-S)

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Standard-duty plastic/laminate cutter, designed to produce a fine score line to precisely break plastics, acrylic and laminates. Features built-in room for spare blades and blade retractable function. 

This cutter creates fine score lines on hard plastic plates made of acrylic and PVC for a clean break. Also used for making striations in various hard materials and plastic models.

Includes 1 reversable tungsten steel PB-450 blade preloaded and 2 spare blades in the handle.

  • Precision cutting & scoring
  • PB-450 Dual Edge Laminate Cutter Blade made from quality tungsten steel
  • Lightweight durable handle
  • Custom ratchet lock control
  • Built-in blade storage
  • For right- and left-handed use
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